Do you support TikTok pixel tracking?


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In order to set up TikTok pixel tracking, you first need to enable a custom domain for your box office.

How to enable TikTok pixel tracking

  1. From the 'Box office settings' section of your dashboard, choose 'Connect apps' from the side menu.

Screenshot of the the side menu in your 'Settings' section

2. Under the Connect apps heading, click the 'Configure' button next to 'Track your TikTok ads by adding a pixel'.

Screenshot of the 'Connect apps' module

3. In the pop-up window, enter your TikTok adverts Pixel ID in the text box provided. For more help on where to find your Pixel ID, please visit the TikTok help centre.

Screenshot of where to add your TikTok pixel

4. Your TikTok adverts account will now be connected to your Ticket Tailor dashboard.

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