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Will my event show up on Google search?
Will my event show up on Google search?


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Marketing your event is super important when it comes to selling tickets. Whether it's a radio advert, poster or through a friend, ticket buyers might google your event after they've heard about it.

TLDR; we optimise your event pages for Google search so buyers can find your tickets when they want them.

The nitty gritty

We provide JSON schema on all of our event pages to make it easier for Google to index them (or to show events in search results).

Indexing works by Google reading web pages and determining where they should appear in the search based on the content of the pages. Google can read pages pretty quickly, but it can take a few hours for your event to appear in search results after you've published it.

Want to opt-out?

If you don't want your event to appear in a Google search, head to 'Edit event and tickets' and then to the 'Advanced settings' at the bottom of the form.

Tick the checkbox labelled 'Hide this event from your box office listings and search engines'.

After ticking this, only people who you share the event with directly (via URL or widget) will see your event and tickets.

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