Constant Contact is a popular email marketing platform, perfect for letting your customers know about new ticket sales and promotions and growing your events' brand.

We integrate with Constant Contact so that you can get your ticket buyers' names and emails directly to your marketing lists.

💡 It is useful to create your Constant Contact account (as well as at least one mailing list) before you integrate your events.

How to integrate with Constant Contact

  1. From the 'Settings' section of your dashboard, choose 'Connect apps' from the side menu.

  2. Under the 'Connect apps' heading, click the Constant Contact logo. In the pop-up window, enter your Constant Contact login details to link your existing account to Ticket Tailor.

  3. Select the list you would like your customers to be subscribed to. If you want to subscribe them to a new list, create this new empty list first in Constant Contact and then reload this page.

  4. You can add different lists for different groups of events, and edit your lists as many times as you like.

Adding a marketing opt-in

If you are following GDPR regulations, you may require ticket buyers to opt-in to your marketing.

  1. When creating your list, select that you would like customers to 'give their consent'.

  2. In Ticket Tailor: Ensure you've added a marketing opt-in to your checkout form.

  3. In Constant Contact: Set up a marketing opt-in in your advanced settings under 'Manage contact emails'.

  4. When your buyers appear in your list, their email status will be 'Subscribed • Express' which means they have opted-in to receive all of your exciting marketing.

Things to note:

❓ If you don't require customers to opt-in to consent, all ticket buyer emails will all be sent to Constant Contact. If you have an opt-in set up in Ticket Tailor, those who opted-in will appear as 'Subscribed - Express' in your email list, whilst those who didn't will show as 'Subscribed - Implied'.

❓ Attendee emails are not sent to Constant Contact. If you have collected Attendee emails you can export them.

❓ Have a question about how to use Constant Contact? Chat to their support team.

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