Can I add my event checkout as a pop-out from my website?

Use this code to embed a modal widget to your website.

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Use the below code to add your event checkout as a pop-out modal on your website, rather than embedding the widget onto your page.

💡 You may have to scroll left in the code box to see the complete code:

<script src=""></script> <a href="javascript://" onclick="TTWidget.loadEvent('YOURBOXOFFICENAME',EVENTID);"> <img src="" alt="Buy tickets" /> </a>


  • YOURBOXOFFICENAME' with the name of your box office (you can see this in the top right corner of your Ticket Tailor dashboard. Don't include spaces).

  • EVENTID with your numeric event ID.

    • To find your Event ID, navigate to your event summary.

    • The number at the end of your URL is your event ID.

  • <img src=“” alt=“Buy tickets” /> with whatever link you would like to show on your website. This could be an image or text link. (Using the current code would add the white 'buy tickets' button).

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