Can I direct my ticket buyers to one occurrence from my website?

Use the following code to embed a link to a specific occurrence date or time in your recurring event.

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Use the below code to embed a link to the ticket selection page of a specific occurrence, rather than linking to all of the dates/times in your recurring event:

<a href="javascript: //" onclick="TTWidget.loadEventOccurrence('YOURBOXOFFICENAME',111111);">BUY TICKETS!</a>


  • 'YOURBOXOFFICENAME' with the name of your box office (you can see this in the top right corner of your Ticket Tailor dashboard. Don't include spaces).

  • 111111 with the occurrence ID you wish to direct ticket buyers too.

    • To find your occurrence ID, navigate to your event summary.

    • Select your occurrence from the dropdown.

    • The number in your URL is the occurrence ID.

  • BUY TICKETS! with your call to action, or the wording of your ticket link.

Your new link will take your ticket buyers to a ticket selection page for the selected occurrence:

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