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How to take payments with Stripe Terminal
How to take payments with Stripe Terminal

Link a POS to your box office for integrated in-person or on the door sales.

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Whether you've got a stylish box office in your venue, a gift shop bursting with merch, or sometimes sell tickets in person, you can link your Stripe Terminal to your Ticket Tailor box office – making it easy to see all of your event sales revenue in one place.

Quick Stripe Terminal checklist

1. Link your Stripe account to your Ticket Tailor account

Make sure you have set up Stripe as your online payment method under 'Box office settings' > 'Payment systems'.

2. Order and purchase your Terminal from Stripe

To use a Stripe Terminal to sell your tickets and add-ons, you need to purchase a Terminal from Stripe.

3. Set up your Terminal in your Stripe dashboard

Complete the following steps within Stripe not Ticket Tailor:

  • Go to your Stripe dashboard.

  • Click ‘More’.

  • Click ‘Terminal’.

  • When you are in the Terminal section of your Stripe dashboard, Click ‘Locations’.

  • Click ‘+ New’.

  • Enter the address where you want to register Terminal, for example, your box office or venue address.

    • ⚠️ The address you enter must match the currency of your event. For example, if you registered a UK address but attempted a payment in EUR then the payment would fail.

  • Click ‘Readers’.

  • Enter the 'Registration code', which you can find on the screen of your Terminal device.

  • Name your Terminal so it’s easy to identify in the future e.g. box office, West gate, Gift shop etc.

❓ How to find your registration code on your Terminal

  • Turn your Terminal on, and you'll be invited into the onboarding setup.

  • You'll need to connect to WiFi (the same WiFi connection you'll use Ticket Tailor with).

  • You'll then be shown your connection code.

    • If the Terminal has been linked to a Stripe account before, swipe the screen from the bottom left to open your Terminal settings. You may need to enter an 'admin pin' 07139 to see this page. You should be able to find a registration code from the ‘Generate pairing code’ page.

  • Enter this code into Stripe.

4. Link your Terminal to Ticket Tailor

Complete the following steps in Ticket Tailor:

  • Go to 'Box office settings', then 'Payment systems'.

  • Under 'Online payments' you should see your linked Stripe account. Click on the three-dot menu to open Stripe settings.

  • Tick the box that says 'Terminal (in-person payments)' and click 'Save'.

  • That's it! Stripe Terminal is now set up for your in-person ticket sales!

5. Sell your tickets!

Now you're set-up, you're ready to start adding manual orders on the door.

💡 POS sales are currently only supported if you use the Stripe BBPOS WisePOS E Terminal.

💡 Stripe Terminal is limited for use in certain countries. Please contact Stripe support to request your country if it is not on the list.

💡 You won't be charged a Ticket Tailor credit/PAYG fee for ticket sales made through Stripe Terminal.

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