How can I report on my Product sales?
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Report on your Product sales

From the menu bar, click on 'Products' to see a snapshot of your sales.

  • You can see a breakdown of your total sales over a specified time period in your dashboard analytics.

  • You can also see the total sales, as well as the limit set, listed next to each Product.

See a list of all of your Product orders

  • Click the 'Sold products' button in the left-hand menu bar.

  • You can see a report of all of your product sales:

    • DATE/TIME lists when the order was made for the product.

    • PRODUCT lists which product was sold.

    • ORDER ID lists the order number created when this product was sold.

    • FULFILMENT will show an issued ticket code if this product was issued with a QR code to be scanned at an event. (Products without a QR code will say N/A).

    • SOLD VIA lists whether the product was upsold with an event or ordered through your store.

See specific orders per Product

  • Click the edit button next to the Products for which you would like to see order information.

  • Click on 'List orders'.

  • All of your orders for that Product will appear in a list. You can search and filter the list if you're looking for something specific.

Report on your Product sales for a specific event or occurrence

  • Open your event.

    • If you need to, filter your event to the date or time of a specific occurrence.

  • Click on 'Issued tickets'.

  • Your Product will appear in your issued tickets list. (You can filter or export this list if you need to!)

Export a report with Product sales information

You can export a more detailed report, along with your Product information from your orders page. How do I export my order information?

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