How can I edit my Products?

How to update and manage your non-ticket products.

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This article will show you how to update your Products.

πŸ’‘ Learn how to create products so you can include extra options, or upsell merch at your event.

You can:

To see all of the Products you are selling for all of the events in your box office, click on the 'Products' tab in the top menu bar.

Updating the quantity

To change the number of Products you're selling:

  • Click on the Products you would like to increase/decrease.

  • Using the 'Quantity' dropdown, select whether you would like to set a quantity limit or sell an unlimited number of Products.

    • If you are limiting your Products, type the total quantity you would like to sell (including your past sales). E.g. if you have already sold 50 Products and you want to sell 100 in total you would type 100.

    • If you are changing from a limited to an unlimited quantity, select 'Unlimited'.

    • You can also increase or decrease your initial quantity based on your stock levels.

  • Click 'Update Products'

πŸ’‘ If you have already started selling your Products, you will need to edit the number you were already selling, so that the 'limit' number is the all-time total you want to sell:

Taking your Products off-sale

  • Click on the Products you would like to remove from an event.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Products editor and unselect the events where you no longer want the Products to be sold

  • Click 'Update Products'

    An arrow pointing to two unchecked option in the 'Update product' modal. The checkboxes are labelled "Sell this product in Store (without event tickets)" and "Upsell this product with events"

Adding your Products to new events or your Store

  • Ensure you've already created your event or updated your Store settings.

  • Click on the Products you would like to sell.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Products editor and select the events where you want to sell the Products, or tick the checkbox to sell them in your Store.

  • Click 'Update Products'

Deleting your Products

  • Click on 'Products' in your top menu bar.

  • Click on the 3 dots next to the Products you wish to delete.

  • Click to delete your Products from your 'manage Products' list and any future events.

    • Previously sold Products will still appear in your historic reports.

Reorder your Products

If you want to change the order your Products appear on checkout you can drag and drop your Products so that your ticket buyers see them in a specific order.

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