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Why can't I see the map on my event page?
Why can't I see the map on my event page?

Common reasons why your map isn't displaying, or is showing the wrong location for your event.

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When you add an event, a Google Map will be added to your event page by default. Below are three things to check if your map isn't displaying, or is displaying incorrectly:

1. Check your advanced settings:

You can choose to hide or display the map on your event page, using the checkbox which says 'Hide map on event page' in 'Edit event and tickets' > 'Advanced settings'.

2. Check your browser settings:

If you see an error saying something similar to "Google Maps Platform rejected your request. This IP, site or mobile application is not authorized to use this API key" it is usually because something in your browser settings is preventing the map from being displayed. Please disable any ad-blockers and check your browser settings.

3. Check your event address:

If the map is displaying the wrong information, for example, the wrong pin, check the address you added to your event is correct.

We use Google Maps, so ensure the postcode/zip code you've used matches the venue on Google.

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