If you're using Stripe as your payment processor, your Ticket Tailor fees will usually be collected by Stripe before you receive your payout.

On some occasions, we won't take your Ticket Tailor fees from Stripe. The card you have on file will be charged instead.

This may occur when:

  1. You have created a manual order for your event.

  2. A customer paid for a ticket using a voucher code (which reduced the order total to £0).

  3. Your tickets have a low face value;

    1. There needs to be an excess of at least 50p after fees before we will take fees from Stripe, e.g. if your ticket costs £1, and Stripe takes a 22p service fee, us taking our fee would leave you with 16p from the ticket sale. In this case, we would charge you using your card on file. If the order total was £1.33 per ticket, our fee would be charged.

💡 You can check how each ticket has been charged on your chargeable usage report.

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