When will I get my Stripe Payout?

Check your Stripe account to schedule your payouts.

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You can use Stripe, PayPal, Square and Offline payments to take payments for your tickets.

When you get your payout depends on the settings in your individual account. However, there are some general rules for Stripe below.

When will I get my payout?

Stripe payouts can be scheduled to payout to your bank account automatically. You can usually schedule payments either daily, weekly or monthly.

You can also set up manual payments, and chose when you wish to get paid.

If you are based in Singapore, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States you may be eligible for instant payouts.

Your first payout

In most cases, you won’t receive your first payout until 7–14 days after receiving your first successful payment.

The first payout may take longer for a number of reasons, including your country or being in a high-risk industry. Processing subsequent payouts then happen according to your account’s payout schedule.

Check your Stripe account and your email for updates about your payouts.

What about my fees?

Your Stripe fees will be deducted before your payout.

If you haven't bought Pre pay credits, your Ticket Tailor Pay as you go fees will be deducted from your Stripe balance, before your payout.

💡 For more information on Stripe payouts go to the Stripe help centre or contact Stripe.

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