Configuring the Zebra scanner to scan Ticket Tailor QR codes

  1. Use the Zebra Scanner to open the 'DataWedge' app.

  2. Click 'Options' > 'Settings' > 'Restore to factory settings'.

  3. Click 'Profile0' > 'Basic data formatting' > 'Suffix to data'.

  4. Add _bc to the text field.

  5. Open the tazotix check-in app.

  6. Click 'Profile' > 'Settings'. Toggle to 'Enable external scanner'. You should now be able to scan tickets in the app.

πŸ’‘ Troubleshooting tips

  • Open your notes app or text editor on your device and scan a ticket.

  • The output should be a 5-character alphanumeric ticket ID followed by _bc. (e.g. n27jF_bc).

  • If the output is incorrect, please go through the configuration steps again.

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