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Tips to connect the Tera Scanner (Model hw0002) to the check-in app
Tips to connect the Tera Scanner (Model hw0002) to the check-in app


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💡 Please note: Tera Scanners have different models. Please ensure this is the exact model before attempting to configure it. Other models have different manuals which can be found here.

Connecting the Tera hw0002 to your device

  1. Scan the barcode below (or in your setup manual) to reset the scanner to factory defaults. This is to remove any previous configuration.

  2. Scan the barcode below to go into Bluetooth HID mode.

  3. Scan the “One-click pairing” setting code below; The blue LED1 and blue LED2 of the scanner flash alternately and quickly when you do this, to signify you're ready to scan.

  4. Turn on Bluetooth in the device where you have the check-in app loaded.

  5. Search for the “Barcode Scanner HID” device, and then click on the device. Wait until you hear a “Di”, the Blue LED2 turns off. The connection is now successfully paired.

Configuring the Tera hw0002 to read Ticket Tailor QR codes

  1. Scan the barcode below to go into Suffix settings.

  2. Scan the following barcodes consecutively to add the suffix “_bc”.

  3. Open Tazotix > Profile > Settings > Toggle Enable external scanner. You should now be able to scan tickets in the app.

💡Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Open your notes app or text editor on your device and scan a ticket.

  • The output should be a 5-character alphanumeric ticket ID followed by _bc. (e.g. n27jF_bc).

  • If the output is incorrect, please go through the configuration steps again.

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