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How to cancel an order and send a voucher
How to cancel an order and send a voucher

How to offer an exchange or store credit for a ticket refund.

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If you need to cancel a reservation, you have the option to cancel with no refund, refund the customer in full, partially refund your customer, or issue a total refund as a voucher for your future events.

  1. From your ‘Orders’ page, open your order and click ‘Cancel order’.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select to refund the customer to a voucher.

  3. Select the expiry date when the voucher can be used.

  4. Select the checkbox to send the customer a voucher.

  5. Your customer will get an email containing their voucher code which they can use to rebook another event in your box office.

An example customer email:

Subject: Your order has been cancelled (807203)


Your order (ID# 807203) for the event Exhibition entry has been cancelled.

The reason given for cancellation is: YOUR CANCELLATION REASON

Your payment has been refunded to a voucher:

Voucher code: 26E8F5DF

Amount: 7.30 GBP

Valid until: Wed 11th Jan 2023

You can use this voucher to book again at YOUR BOX OFFICE LINK. After selecting your events, enter it in the box that says "Do you have a promo or voucher code?"

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