Can I rent a check-in device for my event?

Ticket Tailor have partnered with One World Rental to help provide a hardware rental service for your event check in.

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If you are planning a large or one-off event, you probably need to check in your attendees.

However, we know that it might not be practical, or environmental to purchase and keep all of the scanners that you need.

That's why we have partnered with One World Rental.

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One World Rental offer:

  • Rental scanners, which are compatible with the Ticket Tailor Check-in app.

  • Rental tablets and smartphones where you can access Ticket Tailor and the Check-in app.

  • Event staffing.

  • Event WiFi.

If you would be interested in hiring any of the above for your event visit for a personalised rental plan for your event.

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