If you are a UK based charity, you may want to accept gift aid on your donations.

To ask your ticket buyers to opt into gift aid:

  • Create your event and ticket types.

  • Under 'Edit event and tickets' scroll down to the 'advanced event settings' and select the checkbox to specify a suggested donation amount that you would like your ticket buyers to pay.

  • Save your event.

  • In the left-hand menu, select 'Checkout form', to edit your checkout form.

  • In the 'Buyer only questions' ensure the 'Address' field is selected if you need address details to collect gift aid.

  • In the 'Attendee questions' section, add any information you need to collect for gift aid.
    💡 We recommend using a 'Terms and conditions agreement' question so that you can include your full gift aid declaration.

  • Save your custom question.

  • Your gift aid checkbox will now show on your checkout.

👀 Take a look at a demo event with a gift aid checkbox at checkout.

💡 Read more about what we do to support charities.

Please note: Ticket Tailor can not advise you about how to claim gift aid. If you have questions specific to your charity, you may want to seek independent financial advice.

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