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How can I transfer Pre pay credits between my box offices?
How can I transfer Pre pay credits between my box offices?

If you have multiple box offices for different events, you can transfer your Pre pay credits between them,

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If you use Ticket Tailor for more than one event, you may have set up multiple box offices to manage them.

To benefit from our lowest fees, you can buy Pre Pay credits in one box office, and share your credits between other box offices you own.

To share your Pre Pay credits:

  • Log into any of the box offices you own.

  • Purchase Pre Pay credits from your 'Billing' page.

  • In the box labelled 'Pre Pay' you should see a link saying 'Transfer to another box office'. Click on this.

  • Using the dropdown, select the box office you wish to allocate your Pre Pay credits to.

  • Enter the number of credits you want to transfer, and click the 'Transfer' button.

  • Your selected number of Pre Pay credits will move from the allocation of one box office to another.

    Gif showing the transfer of ticket credits as described above.

Some quick troubleshooting:

I can't see the 'Transfer to another box office' link.

Only the owner of the box office (the email address who created the box office) is able to allocate credits between box offices.

I can't see my box office in the dropdown list.

You must own both box offices you wish to transfer between.

I have an error message when trying to move my credits.

You must have more than 5 credits before you share any credits between box offices.

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