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How to add your check-in team to a new event
How to add your check-in team to a new event

Setting up existing check-in app users on a new event.

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After running a really successful event, you may have started to plan your next one!

If some of the same people will be helping run check-in for your new event, it is really easy to give them access to your new event in the Check-in app.

  1. To invite your existing check-in team to a new event, from your Ticket Tailor dashboard, click the ‘Box office settings’ option from your main navigation of the admin panel.

  2. Then click ‘Check-in app users’.

  3. Next to your team member's name, click the three dots, and then ‘edit’.

  4. You should now be able to invite them to new events.

💡 If your check-in app user is set up to see 'Events that are happening' within a specific timeframe, the events they see in the check-in app will update to match this timeframe.

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