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Preparing your check-in app before your event
Preparing your check-in app before your event

A guide to preparing your check-in devices.

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It can be useful to set up your check-in app ahead of your event, to save you time om the day. We suggest that you follow these steps before the day of your event to make sure that the devices are set up correctly and you are ready to welcome your event attendees.

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Download your event door list

  1. From the app home page, click on the name of the event or events you will be checking in. This will download the relevant doorlists.

    1. If you are checking in attendees for a recurring event, you will have the choice to select more than one occurrence, which is useful if you have timed entry arriving in quick succession. Use the dropdown, or select the occurrences manually by clicking them.

  2. You should see a ‘completed’ message and be taken to the doorlist, which shows all of the event attendees.

  3. Do this for all of the events you are checking in.

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