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How to check in your attendees with the Check-in app at your event
How to check in your attendees with the Check-in app at your event

A comprehensive guide to checking in your ticket buyers with the Ticket Tailor Check-in app.

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Download the Check-in app:

Before your event, you will need to ensure you have configured the Check-in app on your check-in device (such as your smartphone or tablet).

During your event

💡 You can view your live check-in data during your event, as your devices will sync over a stable internet connection.

Open the Check-in app

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection at the check-in areas of your event so that the app syncs with the other devices being used.

  2. As people arrive, have the applicable event open and selected on the check-in app.

  3. Select ‘Scan’ at the bottom of the app and ensure you can see the camera working

💡 Note: If you are operating the app in a dark environment then you can enable flash on the top left of the screen to illuminate the QR code better.

Scan ticket and check-in attendees

  • Point the square directly over the QR code displayed on the attendee's phone.

    • A green banner indicates the ticket is valid and has been successfully checked in.

    • A red banner with “This ticket has already been checked in” means that the ticket has already been used - you can see when they were checked in and by which scanner by clicking the red banner.

    • A red banner with “Invalid code” means that the QR code is not recognised - and usually means it is for another event or they bought the ticket after the device was synced.

💡 Note: You can also check people in using the search feature (see next section) by selecting the grey tick next to their name so that it turns green

Search for check-in information

  1. Select ‘Doorlist’ at the bottom of the app to filter and lookup attendee information.

  2. Click the ‘Search’ icon to find a specific buyer name, attendee name or ticket code.

  3. Click the ‘Filter’ icon to show a specific ticket type or checked in/remaining tickets or to sort tickets.

💡 If an attendee’s ticket is not registering or they have questions about their order then searching for their name or ticket code is a good way to quickly find out more information.

Check people out

  1. Either scan the QR code or search for the order to find the relevant ticket.

  2. If you scanned the ticket, click on the red bar that tells you they are checked in to take you to the next screen.

  3. Select the green check box by their name. This will turn the tick grey and indicate that they are now checked out of the event.

  4. Re-selecting the grey check box will turn it green and check them back in again.

End your session

  1. After you have finished checking people in and out of your event, click on the profile icon from the home screen.

  2. Click ‘Log out ‘.

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