After you have used the check-in app to manage your event attendance, you can view and export your check-in data. (Read more about how to configure the check-in app).

Where to see your check-in data in real-time

You can see your real-time data in your check-in app, on your event overview, and on individual orders.

View your check-ins in the check-in app

  • Open the check-in app
  • Select your desired event.
  • Click ‘dashboard’.
  • You will see the check-in count at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of the check in count in the tazotix app

View your check-ins from the event overview

  • Navigate to your event, by clicking ‘events’ and selecting your event to see the overview.
  • You will see the check-in count at the top of the screen.

View an attendee’s check-in history

  • Navigate to ‘Orders’.
  • Click on an order and scroll down to see if the attendee is checked in.
  • Click on the ticket code to view check-in history.

How to export your check-in data

  • Navigate to ‘Orders’.
  • Select ‘Export orders’.
  • Ensure you select the checkbox that exports check-in data (‘Tickets checked in’ under ‘order details for the overview report, or ‘Checked in’ under ‘Ticket details’ in a line item report).

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