How to see your check-in data

View, download and export your check-in data.

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After you have used the check-in app to manage your event attendance, you can view and export your check-in data. (Read more about how to configure the check-in app).

Where to see your check-in data in real-time

You can see your real-time data in your check-in app, on your event overview, and on individual orders.

💡 The app will work and scan tickets without an internet connection. However, when not connected to the internet, it cannot sync check-ins between devices or download the latest ticket updates.

This means, when not connected, the same ticket could be scanned successfully by two different devices.

We recommend using the app with stable internet access.

View your check-ins in the check-in app

  • Open the check-in app

  • Select your desired event.

  • Click ‘dashboard’.

  • You will see the check-in count at the top of the screen.

View your check-ins from the event overview

  • Navigate to your event, by clicking ‘events’ and selecting your event to see the overview.

  • You will see the check-in count at the top of the screen.

View an attendee’s check-in history

  • Navigate to ‘Orders’.

  • Click on an order and scroll down to see if the attendee is checked in.

  • Click on the ticket code to view check-in history.

How to export your check-in data

  • Navigate to ‘Orders’.

  • Filter your orders, or select the orders you want to export using the checkboxes.

  • Click 'Actions' and ‘Export orders’.

  • Ensure you select the checkbox that exports check-in data (‘Tickets checked in’ under ‘order details for the overview report, or ‘Checked in’ under ‘Ticket details’ in a line item report).

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