How can I make my recurring events widget shorter?

Manipulate the widget code to change the length of your recurring event widget.

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The default setting for the recurring events widget is to show all of your upcoming events in a list.

You may want a shorter list of events, to fit better with your website design.

You can add a widget which only shows your event name, and doesn’t show upcoming dates until an interested ticket buyer clicks ‘buy tickets’.

To add this, you can manipulate the widget code.

Paste the following code, replacing the sections which read YOUR BOX OFFICE NAME and YOUR EVENT NAME with your own data:

<div class="tt-widget"><div class="tt-widget-fallback"><p><a href=" BOX OFFICE NAME/ref/website_widget/?srch=YOUR EVENT NAME" target="_blank">Click here to buy tickets</a><br /><small><a href="" class="tt-widget-powered">Sell tickets online with Ticket Tailor</a></small></p></div><script src="" data-url=" BOX OFFICE NAME/ref/website_widget/?srch=YOUR EVENT NAME" data-type="inline" data-inline-minimal="true" data-inline-show-logo="false"  data-inline-bg-fill="false"></script></div>

This will create a manipulated widget.

How the standard widget looks

How the shorter custom widget looks

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