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How do Pre pay ticket credits work?
How do Pre pay ticket credits work?

Unlock lower fees with Pre pay ticket credits.

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Pre pay ticket credits allow you to pay lower fees per ticket sold by purchasing credits upfront. These credits can be used over an unlimited time period.

Credit usage is calculated in the following way:

  • One paid for ticket sold = 1 ticket credit

  • One paid for ticket sold using seating charts = 2 ticket credits

  • One Product sold = 1 ticket credit

  • One free ticket issued = 0 ticket credits

  • One free ticket issued using seating charts = 1 ticket credit

  • 5 tickets imported = 1 ticket credit

Once you purchase a quantity of ticket credits they will be added to your credit balance and all tickets sold will be offset against this balance until your balance reaches zero - at which point you will move to Pay as you go pricing.

To avoid accidentally moving to PAYG pricing we offer you the chance to auto-renew your credit; either on a monthly basis or when ticket credits start running low (25 or less).

👉 Check your credit balance and Pre pay pricing from your 'Box office settings' > 'Billing'

Please note: You will still have to pay payment processing fees (to Stripe or PayPal). Ticket credits do not cover payment processing fees.

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