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How can I apply social distancing rulesets to my seating chart?
How can I apply social distancing rulesets to my seating chart?

Learn how to create social distancing rules for your seating chart.

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In response to the pandemic, you may be enforcing social distancing rules for your event. With Ticket Tailor, you can easily add a ruleset to your seating chart, meaning you can maximise your ticket sales whilst still complying with local restrictions.

Setting up social distancing rulesets

  1. Once you have created your seating chart, you should be able to find it under Box office settings > Seating charts.

  2. Click the more actions button to the right of your seating chart.

  3. Select ‘Social distancing rulesets’ from the dropdown.

4. Click the ‘+ Create ruleset’ button.

5. Click the button that says ‘Ruleset #1’.

6. You should now see your seating chart, with a left hand menu where you can name and assign your social distancing rules.

7. Name your ruleset.

8. Using the dropdown menu, select whether you want to set your rules as Rule-based (where the rules are dynamically determined) or Fixed (where you can select some seats to disable).

Fixed rulesets

9. After selecting a fixed ruleset, click on ‘Disable seats’.

10. Select the seats in your seating plan which you want to disable, or select the checkbox to ‘select whole row’ and click any seat from the row you wish to take off sale.

11. Click ‘Apply changes’.

Note: When a ticket buyer selects one seat, all adjacent seats will also be selected, and taken off sale, which may impact your ticket sales.

Rule-based rulesets

12. After selecting a rule-based ruleset, you will be able to configure how the rules apply to your seating chart.

  • Select the checkboxes to disable seats to the side, front and behind your buyers selection, as well as to choose how many seats are disabled.

  • If you want to select a maximum group size, select the ‘Disable seats to the side’ checkbox, and then select the ‘Maximum group size’ checkbox. *PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL OVERRIDE YOUR TICKET LEVEL SETTINGS*

  • To set a maximum capacity for your venue, select the ‘Max occupancy’ checkbox and enter the amount, or percentage of places you wish to sell.

13. To manually disable certain seats, for example if you do not want people sitting too close to a bar or a stage, select ‘Manually disable seats’, and then click on the seats you wish to take off sale.

14. To manually enable seats, so that they are always on sale and do not follow any other rules you have set, select ‘Manually enable seats’ and then click on the seats you wish to always be on sale.

15. Click ‘Apply changes’.

To preview your rules, click on the seats in your chart.

Once you are happy with your rules, exit the rule-set builder.

Applying the rules to your event

The rules will now need to be applied to your event.

1) Navigate to the event editor, for the event which needs socially distanced seating.

2) Click ‘use seating chart’.

3) Select the appropriate seating chart from the drop down menu.

4) After that, select your social distancing ruleset from the dropdown that just appeared.

Click save.

Note: If you have multiple seating charts, you will need to create different rulesets for each chart.

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