You can now create a recurring event, with repeating days and time-slots on Ticket Tailor. For more detail on the improved features, check out this article.

If you already list recurring events in your Ticket Tailor box office, and they are linked using a dropdown, you will want to add your new occurrences using the new recurring events functionality, to save yourself time.

You can easily update your events by following these simple steps:

1) Open the 'Edit event and ticket types' page for your event which is furthest in the future.

2) Tick the box which says 'this is a recurring event'.

3) Edit your ticket types to remove any time-slots you may have set using groups. (You will be able to set up your time-slots on the next page).

4) Click 'Save'.

5) You will be taken to the occurrences page where you will see your original event time as an occurrence.

Add more dates and times that your event will run using the 'Add repeating occurrences' or 'Add single occurrence' buttons.

❓Need help managing your occurrences? Check out our help article.

You’re done!

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