How can I add a refund policy to my event?

Learn how to add terms and conditions or a refund policy to your checkout

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The simplest way to add a refund policy to your event is to make use of our 'Terms and conditions agreement' feature. This feature is part of the Checkout form and if you chose to set it up, your ticket buyers will have to confirm they have read your terms (which can include your refund policy) at the point of checkout. Here’s how to turn on the feature:

1. Once you have set up your event, click on ‘Checkout form’ under the Edit section on the left hand side menu:

2. You’ll then have to decide if you want your Terms and Conditions to be part of the checkout process for just this one event, or for all events under your box office (if you have multiple events). For this example, we’ll update it just for this event, so click on ‘Event specific checkout form’:

3. Next, click on 'Add buyer question', then when the pop-up appears, select 'Terms and conditions agreement' from the 'What kind of response do you want?' drop-down:

4. You can then adjust the question / statement your ticket buyers will have to agree to, and use the editor to add your terms and conditions / refund policy:

5. This is what the ticket buyer will see when they check out:

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