To activate 2FA you will need an authenticator app installed on your smartphone. This could be Google Authenticator or Authy, both available for iOs and Android. Once you have an authenticator app installed follow the steps below to get set up.

  1. Go to ‘Account settings’ from your Ticket Tailor dashboard.

  2. Under the heading ‘Two-factor authentication’ click the button labelled ‘Activate 2FA’.

  3. From your authenticator app on your phone, add a new login and it will ask you to scan the QR code shown here. Scan the QR code.

  4. The app will generate a code. Enter that code in the box below and click 'Activate 2FA'.

Please note: If you lose access to your 2FA app you will need to contact customer support to go through a security questionnaire and have your account unlocked.

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