Demo events: online and virtual events

See live examples of how you can use Ticket Tailor to run your online or virtual event

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In this collection of demos, we'll show you live examples of how Ticket Tailor can be used to sell tickets or allow people to register for events on platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

With our platform, you can:

  • Sell tickets online – payments can be taken through Paypal, Stripe or offline

  • Allow attendees to pre-book a slot or arrival time

  • Easily set up multiple or recurring events

  • Set up different ticket types such as adult / children / student

  • Check-in ticket holders using our app

  • Take donations

  • Customise the look and feel of your listing

  • Contact anyone who has reserved or bought tickets

  • ...and much more

Below are some live demos for you to play around with.

Sell tickets for an online yoga class 🧘

In this example, you can see how donations work for free events:

Online cookery class πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

In this example, you can see how online events look if you want to offer different time slots or dates for people to chose from:

The look and feel of event pages is customisable – when you create your own event, you'll be able to change the fonts and colour scheme using our Design Studio.

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