Please note: this article references a workaround solution for recurring events. We now have a new fully-functioning recurring events feature available for customers on our latest pricing plan. If you are on an old pricing plan, or currently using the below workaround, you will not have access to the new feature. Please contact our support team for more information about how to access the new feature.

To ensure that venues are Covid secure, it may be necessary to only permit a certain number of people to enter your venue in smaller group sizes at different slots throughout the day. The below example is adaptable to work for museums, bars, galleries, swimming pools, markets and many other types of access with time-based entry.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to set up recurring events that require attendees to book a time slot, using the example of buying tickets for a swimming session.

1. When you are setting up your event, set the date for the first day you want people to be able to book for, we’ll use this as the master and make copies of it later for the future dates. Set the times to be blank (--:--) (we’ll list the available time slots in a different way as part of the ticket set up):

2. Fill out the key details, and then move on to the ‘Create ticket types’ section. Click on ‘Add a new ticket type’:

3. Under ‘Ticket name’ enter the first time slot of the day that you want people to be able to book for, e.g. “9am entry”:

Under ‘Advanced settings’, you can also adjust other settings such as whether to publicly show how many slots/tickets are remaining:

4. Click on ‘Add new ticket type’ again to add the next time slot, e.g. 10am entry and repeat the process until you have added all your required time slots for the day. When you’re finished it will look like this:

5. Click Save event, then go back to your ‘Events’ section:

6. Next, we are going to duplicate each of the day events (note that this will copy over all details, including all of the ticket types – if you require different timings for each day, you’ll need to go back into the individual events after duplicating them to make any edits)

7. Add as many duplicates as you require, editing the dates as required, then hit save:

8. Leave the events in a draft state. For the next step, you’ll need to contact our customer support team (you should get a response within an hour) and request them to turn on the dropdown feature for events, this will allow your customers to select which date they want from the event page.

9. Once the support team have confirmed the dropdown feature is turned on, you can go ahead and set all of your events to published:

10. Your customers will then be able to select their desired date and time slot from your event page:

If you have a more complex pricing structure for your event and ticket types, e.g. you want to charge a different entry price for adults vs children, reach out to our customer support team with the details and they'll advise you on how to set up the listing.

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