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How to safely check-in your event attendees in a Covid secure way
How to safely check-in your event attendees in a Covid secure way

Learn more about how to admit guests with social distancing measure in place

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When in-person events return, there may be ongoing measures in place to continue social distancing and closely manage event capacity to keep events Covid secure. The Ticket Tailor check-in app – Tazotix (available on Android and on iOS ) – has a helpful feature to ensure that your door staff can safely scan guests, whilst maintaining a safe distance.

By using the external scanning feature that's built into the app, you can sit your staff the recommended 2 metres away from guests, and have the scanner positioned wherever makes the most sense for your venue set-up:

You'll need a scanner that you can mount on a stand at the entrance to your event, this will allow your attendees to scan their own tickets as they pass through the entry point. The door staff will be able to track entry, and troubleshoot any issues at a safe distance from the Tazotix app, as depicted in the above diagram.

We recommend the Tera Bluetooth scanner, which is available to purchase from Amazon.

To turn on the feature, head to the 'Settings' area of the Tazotix app:

Then toggle on the 'Enable external scanner' setting:

Once that's turned on, you're all set!

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