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How do I send ticket buyers the link to join my online event?
How do I send ticket buyers the link to join my online event?

Learn more about how to send your customers the registration (e.g. Zoom) link to join your event

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Our email confirmations for online events automatically include a link to a holding page, which redirects to your event link. There is full flexibility on when you publish your link as well as the look and feel of your emails. This tutorial will walk you through how to set up your online event confirmation emails and explain how the online event link feature works.

First up, when you create your online event, make sure you check the 'This is an online event' box:

Save your event. From the event summary, you should see a button to take you to 'online event links' in the left hand side menu.

Click this and you should see a field in which you can add the online event link – this will be sent to your customers in their confirmation email. If you have it ready to go, this is where you should add your joining link. If you don't have it yet, don't worry you can add it closer to the event.

Once you have saved your online event, your event confirmation email will be set to the online version of the template. By default, this will include the 'Online event link' placeholder, which is a link to a holding page that redirects to your event link if you have added it (if you have not added it, a message will display informing the customer that the event hasn't started yet - more details below).

To make any edits to your order confirmation email for your customers, just click on 'Event confirmation' on the left-hand side menu.

In the editor, you'll see the 'Online event link' placeholder:

When your customers place their order, this is what their email confirmation will look like:

Whether or not you have entered in your link at the event creation stage, the event link shown above will act as a holding page for your event. Here's what the experience looks like on the customer side:

When the link has been added to the event:

When the link has not been added yet:

If you would prefer to not use this feature, you can simply delete the 'Online event link' placeholder from your email confirmation and instead replace it with your direct link or desired text.

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