How to redirect ticket buyers back to your website after buying tickets
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When a ticket buyer completes a purchase you may want them to be redirected back to you website. Follow the steps below to set this up:

  1. When adding or editing an event, click the Advanced settings link at the bottom of the form.

  2. Check the box that says Redirect order confirmation page.

  3. A text box labelled Redirect to URL will appear. Enter the URL you would like your customers to be redirected to.

  4. Click Save.

That's it. Now your customers will be redirected when they make a successful purchase.

Data transfer with the redirect

Alert: the following is slightly technical. If you would like to use this data but it's not clear how then you will need to consult with your web developer.

We send some useful data about the order along with the redirect to make it easy for you to track sales. You can expect to see the following parameters in the URL when a ticket buyer has been redirected to your site:

  • tt_order_id

  • tt_order_value

  • tt_currency

  • tt_event_id

For example, if you set a redirect URL of
then your customers redirect would look something like this:

Don't worry if you have some of your own parameters already in the URL, these will be respected.

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